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Nibble Finance

Nimble is a peer-to-peer ending platform that allows investors to invest in short-term loans ranging from a minimum of 10 euros to a maximum of 1000 euros. Although Nibble is a new platform in the market (founded in 2019), the parent company IT Smart Finance has been in the industry since 2014; The platform provides loans from parent companies to loan providers; Zaimani, a Spanish-based company that offers low-wage offers. Short term loans in Nabbli Finance are protected by a 60 day buyback guarantee.

Nibble Finance [CPC] EU

Nibble, a new P2P platform, was recently launched under its parent company IT Smart Finance Group. The platform has been partnered by a company called Joyan, based in Barcelona, Spain, until 2012, which provides microbes up to 300 micron.

Loans Offer by Nibble Finance:

Russian group IT Smart Finance (ITSF) has launched P2P knitting platform Nibble. The purpose of the platform is to enable users to invest in non-banking products with backpack guarantee.

Investors in the platform can invest in IT promoter Jaymani as part of IT Smart Finance Holdings. All are short-term, ranging from a small amount of EUR 10 to 500 or in some cases 1000 EUR.

All platforms are produced by Spanish Jaymani. Gemini will still come to Russia and Mexico and is not yet available to investors on the platform. This means that at the moment investors can choose to invest only loans from Spain.

Simple currently offers two types of products:

Short-term loans of up to 500 euros with a term of up to 30 days

Instalment loans up to 1000 Euros with a duration of up to 90 days

Nibble Finance [CPC] EU

Nibble Finance By Back Guarantee:

Delays in nibs in suction are covered by a backpack guarantee at the beginning of the first day. The backpack guarantee includes both capital and interest which means that in case of late payment by the recipient and / or in case of complete default with o n default, not only the principal but also the interest earned will be refunded to the investor.

Although Nabbli offers a backback guarantee as a security component of their loans, it is important to be aware that buy back promotions are only a valuable and fully functional function for investors if the promoters are not financially viable.

Indirect investment structure:


When it comes to P2P investing, you will see two different types of peer-to-peer investment structures:

Direct investment structure

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Indirect investment structure

If an investment structure is direct, it means that the investors in the platform are buying the claim directly or against the recipient. This is not the case with the Nibble platform, whose investment structure is indirect. All the source promoters of the Nibble platform were issued by Jayamoni. This ultimately means that investors come into contact with the cash flow of a particular loan by investing through this loan promoter, yet Nibble Finance tells us that in the case of defaulters, investors sue Nibal Finance which complicates risk assessment. Such as separate entities from the nibble platform. This means that the donors are making payments on the Nibble Finance platform, then the small subscriber pays the repayment to the borrower according to the information provided by the generator of the same company owned by Nabbli Finance.

One disadvantage of indirect investment structures is that they are often simpler and more transparent than direct investment structures.

Nibble Finance Manual Investment:

Nibble does not offer a fully automated platform and manual investment. Investors should choose a registration criteria that will allow the platform to automatically invest in loans that meet these established criteria.

Nibble Finance [CPC] EU

Read more about Niebel’s Autoivest feature.

Automatic investment in Nibble’s platform:

The only way to invest in P2P platform Nabbli Finance is through their automated investment features that allow investors to quickly invest in their chosen n that meets their chosen investment criteria.

The advantage of Nibble’s Autovest tool is that investors can confidently believe that their funds will be reinvested in the preferred way if the amount of each Nibble account is found in the investment account in accordance with their investment criteria.

When creating your portfolio account in Nabbli , you can choose, among other things, the following criteria:

  • Minimum and maximum amount for loans for investment
  • Payment period
  • Interest rates and expected returns

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Absence of secondary market:

The Nibble platform does not offer a secondary market where investors can sell or buy from other investors on the platform. Moreover, it is not possible to cancel an investment once an investment portfolio has been created.

Investors cannot sell loans in the market or cancel investments, which means that investors who want to go out of the nibble do not have an initial exit; Instead, they should look into it, because none of this is short-lived and in no way long-term.

Nibble Finance Registration Process:

Registration in Nabbli is very easy; You just enter your name and email address. However, as part of the EU-adopted Anti Money Laundering Initiative (AML), all registered users must verify their identities.

Nibble Finance [CPC] EU

Follow these steps to verify your identity in Nibble:

  1. Upload a photo (in color) that proves your identity such as your passport, ID card, driver’s license or other
  2. Take a selfie and upload it to the platform (you can do it instantly with your smartphone)
  3. Make sure the two images are uploaded correctly on Nimble’s detection page

Deposit and withdrawal process:

Investors will only be able to deposit money into their Nabbli account through the Lithuanian company Passer for quick and easy money transfers.

When you realise the transfer from your Paycera account to Nibble, the money will appear in our Nibble Bill account within 1-2 business days. As soon as the money enters your Nabbli account you will get a notification about it and you can start investing now.

The minimum amount you can earn on your Nimble account is 10 Euros and the maximum amount is 10,000,000 US dollars per month.

Nibble Finance [CPC] EU

With regard to withdrawals, users will always be able to withdraw money that has not been invested in any loans using an electronic or traditional bank account. The process of transferring money from your Nimble account to your personal account can be implemented until the transfer to Eurozone takes 1-2 working days. If you want to transfer money to an account outside the euro, you should expect a slightly longer transfer time.

Nibble Finance Support and Customer Service:

Nimble provides a very basic customer service with phone and email support. The website does not provide any office hours for phone calls, nor does it promise to provide the expected response time for email requests.The platform does not provide a live chat function that allows you to instantly contact their support to find an answer to an urgent problem or a simple answer to a common question.



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Please note that this overview may contain authorised links. This means that if you decide to invest after using the link at an additional cost, a commission is earned. The information on this site does not constitute investment advice and simply gives you a simple and easy overview of the platform. Always manage your due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making an investment decision.

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